DV8 Body Art

DV8 offers the highest quality body art services available. We use state of the art technology for your safety and comfort. DV8 only carries the best body jewelry in the world. We hope to see you soon to make your body art dreams a reality! Visit our Facebook page!

Body Piercing by 
Tiffany Diamond

DV8 is the new home of Tiffany Diamond. The co-founder of Lady Luck in Waterford, established in 2000, she continues to push the envelope when it comes to creating a studio that is cutting edge. She has made continuing education a priority in her career, including attending The Association of Professional Piercers' conference for fifteen consecutive years. Her studio, Lady Luck, was the first in Oakland County to meet the criteria necessary to become a member of The Association of Professional Piercers. Tiffany has been a Professional Business Member of the APP since 2007. She has taken the time to educate others about safe body piercing techniques and practices. She has traveled the county doing guest spots at some of the best studios America has to offer. This spring Tiffany celebrates being a professional piercer for 18 years!
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Piercings by Matt Borsa

Matt Borsa has been a full-time professional piercer since 2009. In 2011, he won an award for his innovative ear piercing techniques in a competition sponsored by one of the largest body jewelry companies. Matt has attended the 2012 and 2013 Association of Professional Piercers' conferences and taken classes on anatomy, aftercare, jewelry materials, sterilization, and piercing technique workshops. He networks with other piercers with the help of online forums and Midwest meet ups to stay updated on current trends in the industry. Matt is known for his gentle bedside manner and calming demeanor. He was a part of the Ann Arbor chapter of the suspension group A.G.R.O. and continues to be involved with Mercury Suspension, a Midwest performance based group that has headlined Detroit's Theatre Bizarre for the last three years. Matt keeps his certifications up to date, such as Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid and CPR training. He has worked under Tiffany Diamond since July 2011. View Matt's Portfolio